Sunday, June 04, 2006

The "O, to B or not to B, C" fiasco

I thought I would say my few words while this issue was still fresh in our minds and before all dissent was drowned in the name of political correctness.

I was reading the Indian Express a few days back and as we can all recall, the paper was replete with stories on the upcoming Quota Raj. I always found the concept of carrying a piece of paper issued by a figure of authority saying that the person was "backward", repulsive. I mean, how humiliating is that!
As I continued to read the paper, I stumbled upon a large ad on the front page itself whose first few lines read:

Increasing interest rates on deposits by 1%"

This was followed by a complicated table listing out the various new rates for deposits of different time periods. I thought to myself that the OBC catagory are netting quite a windfall here. Not only are they getting a quota to themselves, but also getting an increase in interest rates on bank deposits. Not bad.

As I continued to the end of the ad, I saw the last line which read:

"Oriental Bank of Commerce"


Indus Creep said...

Oh My God. They killed Merit. The bastards.

This quota shit is a means to distract us all from the original question:


It's like Clinton ordering air-raids on Iran to take attention away from his sex scndal.
When everone was asking Bush what he planned to do in Iraq, no one asked him WHY HE WENT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Brother in arms said...

If quotas in educational institutions are bad, at would you say about them rearing their ugly head in private sector establishments? It acts as more of a divisive factor than a uniting one..The power that be are running several parallel every stage there is a reservation..Are we going to walk these guys through life or allow them to stand up for themselves?

by the way, what happened to the whole issue? Dead and buried?