Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Of Laloo and the Railways

Any Business and Economics publication worth its salt has carried at one time or another, the story of the resurrection of the Indian Railways. And as they say, its all thanks to one man at the helm of the affairs. The one and only Laloo Prasad Yadav.

The man perhaps single handedly responsible for bringing Bihar to the brink of disaster is perhaps single handedly responsible for injecting new life into the railways. For the first time since I can recall, railway passenger fares have fallen. With increasing revenues, falling fares and global CEOs wanting to "walk the Laloo track", this is indeeed a turnaround for the railways so far mismanaged by various specimens.

One of the latest stories on Laloo and the Railways was in the Indian Express. It said, " Laloo has brought about this change without using any heavy weight management concepts or using the services of global consultants like E & Y. But, by using simple and down to Earth management fundamentals.". Perhaps there is a lesson in this for all. The IIMs seemed to have realised this and are making it the subject of a case-study. Why stop there? How about a case-study in Sociology or Political Science. To come from the interior cow-belts of Bihar to the subject of an IIM case-study is a long journey.


Safari Al said...

This is indeed a long way. From stealing food from the mouth of cattle to turning the railways around ala Lee Iacocca. But, then, I shall always nurse a grudge again Laloo for a lot of reasons.

Indus Creep said...

Yup, long way for someone from the 'interior cow-belts'. LOL. also, why see IIMs as the masters of management in the first place???

Fun Fact #1: some mallu railway minister was credited with creating the railways in the first place...just by placing ONE inch of foam on the berths, he made the railways pliable.

Jayanth said...

I have always believed that management is common sense , but put on a fancy plate. Laloo has truly proved a point here