Saturday, October 07, 2006

Eating my words


Please picture a fading image amidst a mass of swirling clouds. I could post that here, but that would consume a lot of bandwidth.

The year is 1994. I am preparing for my third standard final exam. I am looking forward to this exam and actually quite excited. While I am going about my preparatons, my mom, sitting next to me narrates the story of how she faced the final exam of her first year in M.Sc. I listen with rapt attention. She tells me how she went to the exam hall without even bothering to check if there was enough ink in the pen. The pen ran out of ink in the middle and she had to borrow another from someone. I mentally clucked my toungue. How could someone be so irresponsible. An education must be taken seriously. It is a question of your future.

Please picture a fading image amidst a mass of swirling clouds again.

This incident quietly faded away into the dusty attic of my memory.

Present day:

No need to picture a fading image amidst a mass of swirling clouds now.

Yesterday actually.

I am now to face a somewhat minor, but nonetheless important, exam in one of my courses. The exam is scheduled at 9 am and I haven't yet begun to study at 1 am. After finishing all the 26 episodes of Samurai Champloo (my animé flavour of the day) at about 1:30 am, I finally decide to give studying a try. At this point, I realise that I have none of the reading material. Thanks to the LAN, and a very accomodating friend, I acquire them.

The hour of the exam arrives, and am I prepared? I arrive at the exam hall with a borrowed answer booklet. I take a seat. I fish out my calculator to check if it is working. It is. My pen comes next. Atleast it has enough ink to last through the exam. I have a feeling that the exam will be short. Not because the paper will be easy, but rather I will have little to write. At this moment I remember a certain story my mom narrated 12 years ago.

Hello future.