Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ode to DSP

At the outset let me clarify that the DSP mentioned above is not the DSP Black, which as a healthy substitute for blood courses through our veins. It is plain and simple Digital Signal Processing.

Why an ode? Let's see, shall we.

Last week I read a review of Paris Hilton's album, Paris, in the Express. The byline of that review said "". So I go to There were about 250 reviews of Paris on that site. I read about 25 customer reviews and of course the spotlight reviews. They ranged from bitter to sarcastic with some very funny ones thrown in-between. But not one of them showed the album in positive light.

Who cares for reviews anymore? I wasn't satisfied with just the reviews. I now had to listen to her sing. Enter YouTube. The connection was decent and the video played without interruptions. After the video I sit back and this thought flashes by me. "That must have been some recording equipment". Really, I want to work for the company which made that marvel of a signal processing equipment. That marvel which transformed the very voice that grunted "That's hot" at every possible drop of a hat to the voice that sang "Stars are blind".