Thursday, December 07, 2006

Of musical Wizardry and of musical Snobbery

It's Habba people!

Bangalore in December is simply brilliant. The weather chills you to the bone on those long drives back home on your bike of choice. Back from the cultural and artistic extravaganza that is Bengalooru Habba. Concerts and dances and dramatics and you-name-its all within a span of a week in over 10 different locations all over Bangalore make this a memorable week.

The Gayana Samaja.

It is this association near the Fort High School where mostly classical concerts are held. The area is not frequented by the fashionable and hence not on the to-go-to list of the hip and the happening. This is the haunt of the no frills serious connoisseurs of classical music.

The Concert!

December 6, 2006 was a musical high-point for me. It was the day I attended the Veena recital by one Kannan Balakrishnan along with Vivek and Jayanth. It was definitely the best the Habba had to offer so far and I might go as far as to say that this concert will be in among the best that I will ever attend. Ever.

Even though the event suffered a poor attendance, the artists performed their miracle. As a sign of a
ppreciation, this sound, "Ptlech" is uttered by the "connoisseurs". These utterances are often at every perceived musical wizardry and are quite frequent and quite irritating. To have some fun at their expense, Jayanth and Vivek started spouting the sound at every other instant during which the crowd was silent. As though this was not enough, a mobile phone started to go off very loudly. I turned back and uttered the sound as a mark of annoyance. In the next instant the same sound was uttered by a couple of elderly connoisseurs seated behind me!

The concert of a life time peppered with fun and musical extacy.