Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Worth of a college T-Shirt

I write this piece mentally picturing the finger to all those snobs who are ashamed to wear a T-shirt from a college they were once a part of.

The setting:

I am in Bangalore on some work and I am heading back to college. I arrive at the KSRTC bus-stand and hop on the first bus that is heading in the direction of Mangalore. The bus is bound for Hassan. The bus leaves Bangalore at 12:30 pm and due to a delay, arrives in Hassan at 5:45 pm. I hop on the bus to Mangalore at 6:30 pm, which arrives in Mangalore at 12:30 am.

Now, my college isn't in Mangalore, but a little way off. The last bus that heads that way leaves at 10:45 pm. That being the case, I am stranded at the KSRTC bus-stand in Mangalore at the God forsaken hour of 12:30 am.

The chance encounter:

The seats in the bus-stand aren't very comfortable and sleep is next to impossible. I place my head on my knees and try to catch up on some sleep. Minutes seem like hours and after wandering around the bus-stand for the umpteenth time, I finally settle down on a seat with my head on my knees.

At about 2:00 am, I get a tap on my back. "Are you going to Surathkal?", comes the question. Yes is my reply.
"Come, we'll give you a drop."

The bike ride at 2 am:

To say I'm surprised would be an understatement. How did they know? "We saw your T-shirt. We have two bikes and we'll give you a drop to your college". I was wearing the T-shirt from the college fest of two years past and my college name was clearly visible on the back.

2 am is a brilliant time to ride a bike all-out on the highway. Unfortunately, the term "highway" is highly figurative here and road left much to be desired. Where the road is decent, the ride is pleasant. I reach my college at 2:30 in the am. What a night!

And... Thank you, Zubin from NITTE, for that bike ride.


cupped crusader said...

I, proud to wear NITK T shirtses...but except only if i am matlab not like an mca fellows...Maaku Computer AathiSo...

Safari Al said...

Fuck 'em pseud behenchods.

Darkness and deep said...

Hey tarun my reaction was same as your title.. when u told me your story