Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Java Diaries. Version 1, Release 2

Please allow me to apologize for my previous post. It was but an ill disguised rant.

Here we are with the new features and bug fixes as promised. Hello all. This piece stands before you all stripped of the previous gloom and doom of the previous post. It was not the end of the world as we knew it. For I still stand unblemished, though a bit homogenized. I suppose that was inevitable. As I see it, real life has more to pain you and more to please you than I could ever imagine. The exhilaration of the freedom, the trepidity of doing for the first time what you took for granted from your parents, all balanced by the sweet burden of responsibility.

And so it begins

Welcome to my life. A life long dreamed of. Though it is not a dream come true, the independence, having made it by myself in a new land, is a feeling I will for ever treasure. This is part of the reason I chose to come to Noida. To see if I could make it by myself. To remove from myself that jaded feeling. To learn new and experience new. It has been about two months now, and, life is comfortable.

Work, work, work?

Not really. As it turns out, I am to work in Perl and I could ask for little else that would be better. Perhaps, a Linux workstation. Yes, that would be the sweet cherry on top of this very delectable ice-cream cone. I get to do what I like and when I am doing so, it really doesn't seem like work, work, work. Sometimes, I feel as though I am taking advantage. My my! what did I just say? Euphoria makes you say strange things indeed.

Well, so it is. May it also be.