Saturday, December 15, 2007


It's all quiet out here. The cold, black nights. I sit alone on my bed covered in a thick blanket to keep out the cold. The glowing cigarette end is the only source of warmth in the desolate landscape that is my room. Seconds pass and so do the hours. I sit still staring at the blank wall in front of me. The blinking battery light on my laptop is my only companion. The only sign that the clock is still ticking; that the world is still turning.

It is a cold two in the morning. A faint mist now forms every time I breathe out. A lone dog barks in the distance and a car horn sounds closer. There are no memories of the day passed and no hints of the day yet to come. The light on the All-Out mosquito repellent comes on to tell me that the power is back on. That makes me realise that I wasn't even aware that the power was out. The moonlight filters through my window softening the industrial scene outside as I stare at the trees rustling in the light breeze. Not one sound is heard. Loneliness is such beautiful melancholy.

I walk across the roof covered in few layers of clothing. A vain attempt to keep out the cold that creeps through everything. The main road stretches out in front of me. The smooth immaculate surface of the road lit by tall golden yellow lights as far as I care to see. As I walk along the roof, beneath a flickering street light slowly rides a cycle rickshaw. He is covered in thick rugs, with just his eyes visible. The money must have been worth the cold fare.

Off in the distance, a car screeches to a halt, surprisingly managing to avoid another. Not a word is exchanged between the drivers. The cars move on. Only a group of dogs howl into the distance as if disturbed from their reverie. Not another soul stirs. A tall coloumn of smoke from a distant factory greets me as I turn towards the stairs. The smoke clings to the chimney as though afraid of the cold. I long for the familiar warmth of my bed as I slowly walk down the stairs. Sleep awaits. A heavy, dreamless sleep.


Nanga Fakir said...

I'm so happy someone shares my fascination of dystopic coldness...

How cold is it in Delhi now??? The Northern Winter treating you well???

Unknown said...

Its around 8 degrees nowadays. And yes, the Northern winter is treating me very well.
Bleak dystopia is only when it is cold. That's why it is brilliant.

Nanga Fakir said...

The mercury will dip further down in the days to come. You are going to enjoy this!

Indus Creep said...

moms i felt like i was reading Ruskin Bond. maybe you should move to Mussourie and write stuff.