Monday, January 14, 2008

Delhi Gastronomie and an in-flight radio

Weekends can be quite boring. Actually, very would be the correct term. And to make things more annoying, come Friday, everyone seems to be asking what my plans for the weekend were. As though they had made really fun plans. Perhaps, one day I must dare them to reveal their plans or stop with the questions. You can never really avoid weekends, they seem to keep coming every five days with amazing regularity. Apparently it has been doing so for several millennia now. There you have it, I'm trapped in this infinite continuum.

Break this continuum, I must. So, to Delhi I head. The only respite for the non-philistines among us within a radius of a 100 kilometres of my home. My head was filled with choice curses from atleast five different languages to heap on the Bluelines and their God forsaken drivers and conductors as I stepped into the home of a good friend, Haider Faraz, who henceforth shall be referred to as Zebi. And so, we set out into the night to sample the gastronomic delights offered by this brilliant city.

Alaknanda was not far from Hauz Khas where Zebi stays. We land at this little open air restaurant called Qureshi. This is the place to eat on those cold winter nights. I had been here before and I continue to be drawn to this place. The one among many excellent reasons being their chicken tikka. Ah! their chicken tikka. This little masterpiece will not just satisfy the most demanding of taste-buds, it will leave them salivating for more. My mouth waters just remembering that sinful delight. After the tikka was more happiness. The mutton khorma, the tangdi kebab and I could go on. But, I must stop. I could dehydrate myself from my mouth watering so much. Zebi, to me, will always be the guy who introduced me to the delights of Qureshi. To him, I am eternally grateful. As the old saying goes, "The shortest way to a man's heart is through the stomach". And, Qureshi has won my heart completely.

Satiated by the steaming plate of chicken tikka on that sinfully cold night, we enjoyed the ride back to Hauz Khas on an empty DTC bus happily eating a completely frozen ice-cream. As we stepped into the chillout lounge, Zebi's place that is, it was time for some blissful relaxation. Thanks to his computer being in a slightly worse condition than working, we surrendered to the charms of the FM radio stations of New Delhi. Zebi, the aspiring Accessory Designer, has turned his room into quite the trippy chillout lounge with a lamp of wicker. The little spots of light engulf the dark room giving it the ambiance of a space ship travelling a light-speed as shown in the cartoons. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking... Thus came a tiny voice over.

As we travelled from station to station, we came across this station playing Carnatic classical. The the sweet 15 minutes spent tripping on the notes of Carnatic classical, Zebi and me welcomed the dawn of the winter morning sun. As I left for Noida at 9am the next day, back to dreary old work in a dreary old town, the taste of the tikka still lingered on my mind. I shall be back soon, I told myself, hungry for more.


clueless rebel said...

dude... gonna get me killed....other people alos read this... u know the lies my life is based on... any who ...merci ...this has been the highest gratitude paid to me...... indebted for life.. not for any personaql reasons but for quraishi.....

Nanga Fakir said...

You've been having sinfully good times...

I will have my revenge.

"I visited The Met"

Status: Revenge Complete!

Unknown said...

To Zebi:
"u know the lies my life is based on"

Yes I do, but can always lie your way out of it.

To the Fakir:
"I visited The Met"

You bastard!! You @#@#$#$^%#$%^&^&^. I hope you die. I hope you @#$%#$%^#$ die.

Safari Al said...

I want to know what was censored and dude, this post was much better. More like the weird-ass-you that I know.

P.S: Zebi...Respect!

P.P.S : May I visit your aforementioned chillout lounge.

P.P.P.S : Ra, Tequila yet again with OM and a bottle(yes one full bottle - well actually half red and half white) of good expensive wine.

clueless rebel said...

sure u are more than welcome..

Indus Creep said...


I wish certain vegetables and greens were freely available here in da yoo-yess.

alaknanda...fuckkk memories of visiting mom's vague school friend while i was there for vacation. it was some apartment complex...and the residents had organized a fair something. i saw a computer stall there...HCL i loved those corny CGA graphics, pixels as big as minesweeper squares of today's comps. there was some science stall where you had to take a loop of metal from one end to another without touching wire running thru it...i packedmaxxxx.

maaaaaaaaaaaaaan nice.