Sunday, July 12, 2009

A repeat of history

Those that refuse to learn from their history are bound to repeat it. Some, on the other hand, are conned into it. And hence I came to watch Transformers: The rise of the fallen.

The original plan was to watch some other movie and tickets for that movie being less than available, I was some how convinced to watch this movie. My friend has that dark talent. Anyway, the movie title, for me atleast, is rather poignant. You see, I had presumed that the memory of the first movie had fallen through the drain cover of my memory to be blissfully lost forever. Unfortunately, it rose like the evil 'Decepticons' (again, really!) to haunt me again.

I really have no idea what the movie was about. Halfway through, I longed for a big bottle of vodka to soothe my nerves. I remember fits of hysterical laughter at some of the dialogues, hair tearing annoyance at the ridiculous music that was the background for equally ridiculous action scenes, with even more ridiculous slow motion scenes to heighten the "drama" of one metallic fist colliding with one metallic jaw. I have come to the realisation that I am doomed to watch all the installments of the Transformers franchise. Atleast the company with which I watched this movie was entertaining. It led to some very good spoofs. Like this for example:

Vivek S: My code is ready for review.
Manager: How do you know it works?
Vivek S: I know.
Manager: How?
Vivek S: Because I believe.